Virgin Mary Library


Interior and Facade Lighting

The historical Virgin Mary Church, whose construction date is unknown due to the absence of its epigraph, had served as a church until the First World War and after being used for several purposes, was turned into a library following its restoration. For the lighting project, structure and details of the building’s facade were revealed via a washing effect, while light effects were used to accentuate arches.

For the interior, vaults and arches of the three naved building, which was built to a basilica plan, were highlighted with special optic spots. For the middle nave, the dome that is sitting on a 12 windowed frame and the pendants with their revealed frescoes are highlighted with lighting. It was designed by us and 3000K color temperature products were preferred for implementation.

Photography provided by  KAF Creative.

Client/Contractor: Kordon Restorasyon


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