Maltepe Piazza Mall


Facade and Landscape Lighting, Lighting Automation

Piazza Maltepe, after opening on 20 April 2018, began offering its guests residences, offices and a shopping mall. The project incorporates 225 residences, 34.0000 square meters of office area and 60.000 square meters of leasable area in addition to a shopping mall.

Setting itself ahead of competition with its environmentally-friendly design, Maltepe Piazza was awarded “”LEED Gold”” certification for its shopping mall, residences and office spaces in February 2019. RGB DOT products, which allow different scenarios, were used in the facade lighting of the project. With the help of prior planning manufacturing was carried out and the IP ratings of the products and cables to be used in the field was preserved and the application was carried out without any problems. Supervision service was provided during the assembly of the products and the lighting control system was commissioned to ensure products could operate in synchronisation with those in other buildings. The system scenarios were tested, the team were trained about the system and project was completed.

Client/Contractor: Rönesans Holding

Architecture: Yazgan Design Architecture

Lighting Designer: GWA Lighting


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