Avrasya Tunnel DMX Lighting Control Project


Lighting Control Integration Project

Speed-regulating moving lighting system (Pacemaker Lighting) is used inside the Avrasya Tunnel, so that as the vehicles climb up or down a slope, they move with the suggested speed and do not cause congestion with their varying speeds. The system allows the lighting system to work with different scenarios. The innovative and smart road technology consists of LED tubes that move in a synchronous manner in the ceiling and operates on the basis of required 70 km/h speed. Implementation starts 500 meters before the deepest point between Europe-Asia, where the decrease in average traffic speed was detected and continues for another one thousand meters in the ascend, covering a total of 1,5 km and helps keep the traffic speed constant. It also helps prevent an increase in exhaust fumes that result from sudden acceleration, increases driver comfort and allows for a more comfortable driving experience.

Client/Contractor: Avrasya Tüneli A.Ş.


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