Kitoko Lighting & Engineering has had the roots of urban furniture manufacturing company, established in 1972. Kitoko was separated and started as a specialized lighting company in 2004  offering to the market professional lighting solutions. The company is structured under 2 divisions as Architectural & Technical Lighting solutions in order to meet  expectations of the market and satisfying the needs of its customers.

In partnership with global brands and specific expertised manufacturers, Kitoko takes pride in perfectionism and innovation as its principle and offers  enlightened places to its customers in the light of these principles. The company  has been active in many small and large scale landmark projects both in Turkey and abroad providing optimized sustainable lighting solutions.

Dedicated business approach, high skilled team, reliable products are the core 3 priorities of  Kitoko’s philosphy. It is based on trust, responsibility and excellence in all of the services offered by our partners in line with the demands and needs of our customers as well as providing the right solutions to them in the design, engineering and procurement processes of their projects in line with the needs and desires of the customers.



Provide  the best possible reliable solutions within required time of period and quality properly focusing on our customers’ needs and expectations.

Provide efficient communication via the process management.

Maintain constant improvement based on efficiency fact.

Be an environment friendly company aiming to be beneficial to its country as well as to society.

Complete the projects on time using the latest technology suitable to  expected quality  and budget of the projects.

Cooperate with our suppliers in a trustable relationship.

Establish the idea of reaching  maximum awareness and selectiveness for the projects we run for our employees.




Our Lighting and Design company, has been providing  innovative and environment friendly Project solutions in competitive lighting market  both in the country and in the world. In this respect using the natural resources smartly and responsibly, recycling our waste according to the law and regulations of government  environment policy is the base of our environment policy. We also support  the using environment friendly  and  renewable energy sources in our projects following the technological  innovations about eco friendly solutions in lighting business  for continuous improvement of  our environment policy. We keep Increasing awareness about eco friendly solutions in lighting business in our employees as well.